Deep Cleaning

Since my return from Africa, I have had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things. Africa was such a high. And now a low. My team leaders warned me of this. They said usually when you get back from a missions trip, you tend to go into a bit of a depression. Well, now I understand what they mean. This last week, I had no motivation and no energy. I didn’t want to get back into work or get back into the simple tasks of keeping my house clean. I just wanted to escape.

But then, last Saturday, I forced myself to deep clean my house… which led to the deep cleaning of my mind and soul. It’s funny how much deep cleaning my house has become therapy for me over the years. This particular therapy session helped me process some things I have been going through since Africa. Here is what I learned about myself…

In Africa, it was so easy to be near to God. In Africa, it was so easy to start off the day in prayer. In Africa, I was there for one mission and one purpose: to serve God. When I got back to California, I was immediately bombarded with the business of life and the distractions of our culture. This season of ministry is especially busy with Christmas just around the corner, and there are so many people to catch up with and so many TV episodes to catch up on. So instead of coming back to one purpose… I came back to 10,000 tasks. And instead of starting my day off in prayer… I came back to waking up with 20 emails on my phone. And instead of being near to God… I came back to so many distractions that take me further and further from God. So as I deep cleaned, I realized the things that I needed to change. I realized the things that I did in Africa needed to be part of my life here as well.

I am not perfect, and this life is a journey. But what I know is that life without God’s journey is meaningless. So today I draw near to God… today I start with prayer… today I have one mission and purpose: to serve God.

Deep cleaning.


2 thoughts on “Deep Cleaning

  1. Hi Ashley, God is so good in that when we take the time to figure out why there is unrest in our soul, He shows us. And it often in the mundane day to day things, when we can let our brains roam while our hands do the work that we can ponder on all His blessings and words for us. Great post.
    God bless

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