God My Rock

God My Rock

This week we are introducing a new song in our worship set at CCV (Click on the link above to hear the song). I am really excited about doing this song because it has been in my head ever since I heard it last week at the CMS (Christian Musician Summit) Conference In Washington. The song, “God My Rock”, was written by Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche. Brenton is a great worship leader and songwriter, and has written songs such as “Everlasting God” (you might know that one… haha) and “Hosanna”. I got the opportunity to meet Brenton at a songwriting boot camp my team and I attended. He is hilarious and quirky, but very intelligent. He grew up in Cape Town so I got to talk to him about my recent trip to Africa. He is the real thing writing songs about real issues. And that is why I am so excited to introduce this particular song, “God My Rock”.

Now I can’t claim this interpretation as the reason behind their writing it, but here goes my own interpretation…  No matter what we go through in life, whether that be blessing or pain, God is our rock. He is the strong foundation on which we must stand. He is our strength when we are weak and our joy when we are saddened by life’s uneasy ground. And our God is faithful through the good times and the bad. Praise God! Check out the lyrics…

GOD MY ROCK- by Brenton Brown & Paul Baloche

When my heart is overwhelmed
I will look to You alone
God my rock, God my rock, God my rock
You will stand when others fall
You are faithful through it all
God my rock, God my rock, God my rock

In the blessing, in the pain
through it all You’ve never failed me

You are the strength of my heart
You are the strength of my heart
I can rely on You, I can rely on You
You are the joy of my life
You are my song in the night
There is no one as true
Jesus I trust in You

When I’ve struggled to believe
You have not let go of me
God my rock, God my rock, God my rock
Carried through the darkest storms
You have held me in Your arms
God my rock God my rock God my rock

Today and every day, may we stand on the biggest and strongest rock there ever was and ever will be. He will get us through the darkest and most inconceivable moments of life.


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