Heart After You

On my recent trip to Africa, I brought a 3-song EP to share with the women that we encountered. The 3 songs were sort of a preview to my full length album, Heart After You, which is set to release early 2013. Also, I taught 2 of the songs on the EP at the actual conferences in Africa. The EP was a great take-away for the ladies… something that they could continue to connect with even after we left. One of my favorite moments on the trip was at a community center in one of the poverty-stricken townships. We had done a conference on Saturday and we came back to the center to hang out with the women again. As we drove up to the center, I heard something very familiar. It was my voice! They were blasting the EP in the main meeting hall during their lunch hour. In that moment, I realized that this music was really making a mark on some of the ladies we had encountered. God was using it in a huge way.

Now let’s go back to about a year ago…. when I started writing music for this album.

Looking back, it is amazing to see how much my preparation for Africa affected my song-writing. Our team was preparing to do conferences in Africa on brokenness and our theme verse was Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” A few days before my team leader announced that Psalm 51:10 was going to be our theme verse, I had written a song based off of that exact verse. What!? Wow God. It was a mind-blowing moment and a God-ordained song. This song not only became the theme song for the conferences we did in Africa, but it became the title track on my album.

This song, Heart After You, captures the essence of this album so well. The lyrics read: “Create in me, a heart that’s clean, a heartthat’s after you”. I want so badly to have a heart after God’s heart. And I believe that the more we put God’s word into our hearts, the more we will have a heart like God. Each song on this album is inspired by scripture. My goal and vision for this album was to use the Word of God in song, so that the truth of God’s Word would sink deep into hearts. God is truly amazing and I am so glad that I got to be a part of His master plan, even though I had no idea what that master plan was. I love that this album was so inspired by Africa, and that Africa was so inspired by this album. God works in crazy amazing ways. Below are the full lyrics to the song. May we all strive to have a heart after God.


Verse 1

This is my prayer, God be my cure

This dirty heart, make it pure

Verse 2

Clouds of Your grace, pouring like rain

Washing away, all my stains


Here are my hands and my feet

Take all of me


Create in me

A heart that’s clean

A heart that’s after you


Spirit dwell in my soul

Let your truth overflow


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