Meaning Behind: We Cry Holy

Holy can be such a “churchy” word, but it defines God so well that I couldn’t help but use it in a song. Some say it is over-used in worship songs, but I believe that it is not used enough. Here is the definition of holy…

ho·ly/ˈhōlē/ (Adjective)

1. Exalted or Worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness.

2. Divine, having a divine quality.

3. Venerated as or as if Sacred.

Psalm 99:9 says, “Exalt the Lord our God and worship at His holy mountain, for the Lord our God is HOLY”. Worship is a response to our God, and in this song we are responding to the holiness of God. He is divine. He is sacred. He is perfect in goodness and righteousness. Why would we not what to worship Him?!

The lyrics of this song are based on simple and straight-forward messages. The verses set up the fact that we believe in God. We are declaring His divine qualities and believing that He is true. The chorus simply states that our God is Holy. And the bridge is the culmination of it all… Worthy God, we stand in awe of You… my favorite part, because after the realization that our God is Holy, we have no other response then to worship and STAND IN AWE of Him. He is WORTHY of our worship.

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