Christmas: The Best Time Of Year

I LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. There are so many things happening, so many wonderful smells around, so many people that I love. It is the one time of year that feels so warm despite the chill of the cold outside. The house is decorated to a tee and every corner says CHRISTMAS, including the glow of the fireplace. It is a time of giving, not only of gifts but also of time spent with family and friends. And despite the business at the stores, people have a warm smile awaiting (well most people, haha). I love Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas at my church. Even though it is the busiest time of year for our staff, it is one of the most enjoyable times. Our church, CCV, is busy with Share The Season: a time when we get to give to people in need. We start with the Thanksgiving outreach where we give food to thousands. Then we have House to Home project where our church transforms a house to a home for a family that cannot do it on their own. Then we have the Toy Store for children who would not normally get a gift at Christmas. To top it all off we put on a free Christmas concert for our church and those in the community. This year it is called Winter’s Dreams. This is where I spend a lot of my hours during the Christmas season. I am on the planning and creative team for this concert, and this year I am a musician in the band playing acoustic guitar and singing. Here is a shot of one of our rehearsals:


It is truly a blessing to be a part of this production. Tonight is the first show of 2 and it is completely sold out for both nights. Amazing. I love waking up knowing that I get to do what I love to do. It really doesn’t feel like a job… more like a passion. Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing team and church. Here is a shot of our tech rehearsal yesterday and our team of volunteers getting APU’s campus ready for the possible 10,000 people that might be on the campus in the next two nights:


I LOVE Christmas. And I love being a part of something bigger than myself… sharing the birth and love of Jesus Christ to many who might not know about His love and sacrifice.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God bless you this Christmas as you spend time with friends and family, and remember the birth of our Lord.


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