Breathe… Just Breathe

Last week, my husband and I took some time away on vacation. Thank God for vacations! I was in need of time away because my life lately has been a series of challenges, and I have been feeling worn out. I have since come back refreshed and renewed, and I also came back with a physical reminder of that refreshment. Let me explain…While we were doing a bit of shopping in the gas lamp district of San Diego, I came across a necklace that I have been wearing quite often ever since. This necklace was an old worn-out key strung on a gold chain. There were many different keys and words to choose from, but on this particular key had been stamped the word “BREATHE”. This necklace had a very special meaning. The company that makes them is called, The Giving Keys, and this is what is said on the card with the key:

The Giving KeyWhen you get this one of a kind key, you must give it away at some point to a person you feel needs the word on there… We employ those who are looking to transition out of homelessness, to get them off the streets and give them a chance at a better life. 

Such an awesome idea! Not only is this key necklace going to help people who are homeless, but it is also helping me for a period of time. And then I get to pass it on to someone who I think needs the same reminder as I do… BREATHE. It might be a while before I pay this key forward, but I can’t wait until I do. In the meantime, I am personally reminded to breathe in several different ways:

  1. BREATHE… IN LIFE: I am blessed to have a new breath to breathe every day, so I will thank God for the blessing of life.
  2. BREATHE… IN DEEP: I have been challenged to improve vocally, so I will focus on supporting my vocals through the breath in my lungs, breathing in deep and from my diaphragm.
  3. BREATHE… IN CONFIDENCE: I have been faced with the challenge to grow in my confidence (since I tend to be insecure most times). So every time I walk on the stage to lead worship, I will take a deep breath and do exactly what God has called me to do.
  4. BREATHE… IN PEACE: I have been faced with criticism and feedback more than ever lately and I am learning how to deal with the good and the bad, so I will breathe in peace of mind despite what comes my way.

I am excited to grow in these areas and be reminded everyday to breathe… just breathe. Refreshment for the soul in the form of a key!



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