A Little Bit About Me

Recently, a friend asked me a few questions. So, I thought I would share my answers with you…

1. Tell me about yourself: 
I am a worship pastor at my home church, CCV. Beyond that, I am the first full-time female worship pastor that my church has encountered. This has shaped my journey in a very meaningful way and I wouldn’t have it any different. My journey as a believer has always been about stretching myself through uncomfortable moments. God calls me out of my comfort to do His work, and it is in those moments that I grow the most. My goal as an artist/songwriter/worship-leader is to point people to God and his Word through passionate and refreshing music.


2.  What brings you inspiration when writing songs?
Inspiration is found all around and can vary from song to song, but for the most part I feel that I am inspired by SCRIPTURE and STORY. Through scripture, I am able to take the actual word of God and put it into song. This is my favorite way to write! I love the beauty of God’s word. It is refreshing and deep and full of wisdom. It makes my job that much easier because God is already so creative. Story is another inspiration; this could be my own story and how God is teaching me and shaping my own life, or it could be the stories of others and the amazing testimony that God has given them. I also love writing from the perspective of my church’s story. This could come from the pastor’s messages or the overall joy/struggle of the church at the time. There is so much to a story and I love capturing that in a song.

3.  Why did you dive into songwriting?  What pushed you past leading worship into creating songs for people to worship to?
Well, I first started writing in high-school when I was sad about a break-up or so in love that I couldn’t stand it. My writing revolved around my emotions. I used it as a journal of sorts and it helped heal my own heart. When I started leading worship in church, I realized that I could use that same energy to write for God. So I began writing worship songs. They were not very good at first, and it took me a while to understand the difference between writing for a secular venue and writing for the church. I will always be growing in that area! But the first time I sang one of my original worship songs for a service, the feeling was indescribable. Seeing people take the lyrics that I wrote in my quiet room and use them as a prayer to God was amazing. It is because of those moments and experiences that I continue to write congregational worship music.

4.  Can you remember a song that sparked a love for worship within you?  What was it about the lyrics or song that moved you?
When I first started leading worship, Hillsong was the powerhouse of all worship music. We played so many of their songs every week! I remember getting to lead out on Brooke Fraser’s songs, “Hosanna” and “Lead Me To The Cross”. Those two songs were instrumental in my development as a worship leader, especially being a female worship leader. I loved (still love!) Brooke Fraser and wanted to be just like her when I grew up! Her melodies were beautiful and her lyrics were powerful. My favorite part of “Hosanna” that I still sing today is the bridge: “Heal my heart and make it clean, Open up my eyes to the things unseen, Show me how to love like You have loved me, Break my heart for what breaks Yours, Everything I am for Your kingdom’s cause, As I walk from earth into eternity.” Those lyrics still inspire me today, and point me into a deeper relationship with God.

5.  Out of the songs you have written, which one reflects your heart for God right now?
Out of the songs I have written, I would say that my song “Heart After You” reflects my heart the best. The lyrics of the chorus say: “Create in my a heart that’s clean, A heart that’s after You”. This song is based off of Psalm 51:10 and has been my prayer for a very long time. Whatever I do in my life or wherever I am, I want it to be because God has taken me there. I want my desires to be His desires. This is hard to do unless you have a heart after God’s own heart. So I choose to give him all of me, every part.


A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor

I am an ESFJ. For some of you that have your head tilted with a strange confused look on your face, those letters stand for “Extravert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging” in the Myer’s Briggs Personality Test. As I was reading through the description this morning, I was blow away by how accurate it was… I love people, but because of that I have a strong desire to be liked and for everything to be pleasant. I am very dependable and value stability. I am warm and energetic, but I also need approval from others to feel good about myself. These results are really spot on.

The one that really got me was that ESFJ’s often change their own manner to be more pleasing to whoever they’re with at that moment. Unfortunately, this is correct. I have always had this tendency in me. I am a people-pleaser at heart and so I will change the way that I am to help that person feel more comfortable and ultimately like me. This can be a strength and a weakness. And I have had plenty of times in my life that I have realized the joy and the severity of both ends.

Being a people-pleaser has caused me to rely heavily on affirmation from people. When someone lends me a compliment, I am filled up. But whenever I have faced criticism of any kind, I have immediately been tossed in the waves and started to sink. I was recently challenged by my supervisor at work to discover who I am… hence the personality test. But through this process of discovery, I have realized that the more I am grounded and anchored in knowing who I am, the better off I will be when criticism comes my way.

A Smooth SeaI ran by this phrase the other day… “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” I was so challenged and encouraged by this phrase. I want to start looking at criticism as constructive and grow from it. I want to become skilled in my craft, and I am not going to get there if I just coast along. I have to face the waves. I also need to know when to throw down my anchor and be confident in who I am and what God has called me to. I encourage you to do the same.

If you are interested in learning about your own personality type, CLICK HERE. Learn who you are, and never be afraid to face the waves that come your way because a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.