Emmanuel – God With Us

It was on that silent night, in a lowly manger, that Jesus entered our world. God became man. He left the wonder and the joy of heaven and came down to a world of hate and pain… a world where one day he would be tortured and put on a cross to die. But he came to be with us anyways. He was God with us: EMMANUEL.

Today, Jesus is not with us in human form, but His name rings true still. He is God with us: EMMANUEL. And no matter what we might be going through this Christmas… maybe a loss of a loved one, maybe trouble in marriage, maybe financial stress, maybe things are great… no matter what the hurt or joy, God is with us and will always be with us. He is right by our side though the good and the bad, even if we don’t recognize Him.

So, let us start now. Let us recognize him.

This season, we remember the wonder of his birth, the miracles on display in his lifetime, the pain in his death, and the victory in his resurrection. God WAS with us here on earth 2000 plus years ago… God IS with us today in our own joys and pains, and God WILL ALWAYS BE with us from now until forevermore. EMMANUEL.